Doctors are legally obliged to maintain their professional competence by enrolling in professional competence schemes and following requirements set by the Medical Council.  Most doctors previously engaged in continuous professional development, however this new system creates a formal process of lifelong learning which highlights doctors’ dedication to developing their skills throughout their professional lives.

Schemes will be operated by UMC for the development  of medical services to drive good professional practice which is centered on patient safety and the quality of patient care.  The activities which doctors will engage in will be straightforward and practice based.


• Maintenance of Knowledge and Skills (for example,
attending professional meetings, seminars and
medically related education courses and so on)
• Practice Evaluation and Development activities (for
example, chart reviews, case presentations, peer
review groups, and so on)
• Personal learning activities (for example, reading
medical publications)
• Research and teaching
• Completion of a clinical skills checklist to see how
the care the doctor provides compares with
standards with a view to improving quality.

CME- Credits

1. Every registrant will be required to enroll in a CME professional competence. Congress and to comply with the United Medical Council’s Standards for the Maintenance of Professional Congress — Registered Medical Practitioners to comply with the Medical Council’s Standards for the Maintenance of Professional Competence — Registered Medical Practitioners.
2. Every registrant must enroll in the CME scheme that best reflects their education, training, demonstrated ideas and current practice.
3. Any registrant may be directed at any time by the Council, the Fitness to Practice Committee, to include but not necessarily limited to a professional competence for performance assessment.
4. Each registrant must be in a position to confirm by way of annual declaration in a form published by the United Medical Council to be submitted with any application for registration or retention that they have enrolled in and are complying with the requirements of a United Medical Council.
5. Registrants must comply with the Council’s requirements if they become the subject of an audit.