Panel discussion

UMC’s Professionalism

The patient-doctor relationship is a privileged one that depends on the patient’s trust in the doctor’s professionalism. The role of the United Medical Council is to safeguard the public by ensuring that the quality of the doctor’s competence, behaviors and relationships that underlie this professionalism is maintained in the patient-doctor relationship. Doctors must always be guided by their primary responsibility to act in the best interests of their patients, without being influenced by any personal consideration. They should act independently in the service of their patients and have a responsibility to advocate with the relevant authorities for appropriate healthcare resources and facilities. UMC serves as a qualitative medium to promote quality medical services through various professional activities. United Medical Council is one of the top ten medical councils in the world that has members mainly from the top medical societies in the world and from various medical backgrounds for the rejuvenation of quality medical services.

Enrolling in UMC

Participation in a UMC’s Professional Congress will help registered doctors to demonstrate that they are fulfilling their new statutory duty.  Schemes are in place for all registered doctors on the Specialist and General Division of the Medical Register. Doctors registered in the Supervised Division of the register will also enroll in a UMC’s Professional Congress related to their chosen specialty.