United Medical Council

While the UMC currently offers official Membership for societies as well as for the people from medical background, we encourage you to join the United Medical Council Community and become a part of the World Alliance for Sight.

Connect with the United Medical Council and over 21,000 doctors of UMC are getting professional council services.

Do You Want to Help Right Now

If you want to help right now, the UMC is always looking for new resources.  Submit a resource through our email.

Please note that you may submit resources to the UMC for medical  professionals as well as the medical educators.

United Medical Council Membership

With over 145 national, regional, and specialty Member societies from all over the world, UMC is a dynamic and global medical community and stands as the best medical council in the world to rejuvenate the medical society.  The United Medical Council only offers Membership on a society level at this time.

We are constantly reviewing our policies and programs to better serve our Members.  Please contact us if you have any feedback about UMC Membership.  If you have any questions about UMC membership, please contact Ms. Jenny kelly, Membership and Society Relations Manager, support@unitedmedicalcouncil.org

United Medical Council Member Benefits

Support the UMC’s efforts to preserve and restore vision around the world:

  • Your society dues directly sustain programs and doctors working to improve quality medical services on a global scale. The UMC is working to build a “World Alliance for Wellness” by leading, stimulating, and supporting the efforts of top medical councils and societies, medical educators, and related organizations worldwide to enhance the public wellness.
How can I get membership?

As UMC is the closed medical council, You have to send your reputed profile through email at support@unitedmedical.org (or) unitedmedicalcouncil@gmail.com