Research and Grants

One of the primary goals and commitments of the UMC is to enhance medical education to improve the rate of quality medical care and contribute to preservation and restoration of vision around the world. To fulfill this commitment, the UMC offers educational programs and grants against the educational initiatives and quality research activities to invigorate and support medical education, especially in developing countries.

An important part of the UMC 2020 Congress will again be a large accompanying industrial exhibition of traditional companies from home and abroad to showcase their products that support medical specialists in the treatment of their patients and to promote innovative research with the latest information and news.

A particular focus of the UMC Congress 2020 will be on the ease access of medical support.

Drawing the attention of participants attending our scientific sessions – symposia, lectures, midday poster sessions with eye-catching formats, and diverse courses – to topics and/or issues where the importance of an international context can be fully appreciated.

This program is an exciting new initiative designed for professionals working within the field of medical development. It provides fundamental theory and skill training with a focus is on practical issues commonly experienced in the design, development and implementation of medical health education.

The Conference for Medical Educators offers expert instruction, interactive workshops, group discussion and many more professional services. Educators of medical residents, fellows, medical students, and allied medical personnel will learn about the latest tools and practice techniques of modern education.