United Medical Council

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The United Medical Council has its principal purpose to assure the public by promoting and better ensuring technical standards of professional acts and professional education, training and competence among doctors to deliver a high quality medical service. One of the methods that the United Medical Council follows to deliver quality medical service with enhancements, is to undertake performance assessments of doctors about whom concerns have been raised thereby bringing their involvement and dedication towards the growth of medical enhancements.

The doctor participating can expect to be treated in a fair, objective, transparent and respectful manner. Assessments are conducted in line with best international practice based on the dedication and active participation in the council.

The UMC is held in a different region and provides an international audience of medicine with:

  • A scientific program addressing all sub-specialties and related interests in medical background.
  • The opportunity to network with recognized international leaders and professionals.
  • An exhibition featuring the latest products and services in the field.

Revenues from the United Medical Council supports a wide range of initiatives and programs and its commitment to “Building a World Alliance for Medical Wellness.”

Vision of United Medical Council

The UMC seeks to have a major impact on education and access to qualitative medical care worldwide by:

  • Collaborating with other medical societies, health care organizations and teaching programs
  • Helping those organizations develop effective leaders and organizations