About Us


The revolution of people in the field of medicine through innovative practices, ideas, research, professional medical skills from all geographical locations are put together in to a statutory body for the enhancements and betterment of lives is known as UNITED MEDICAL COUNCIL.

The main objective of UMC is to provide literal medical services for the betterment of public health. UMC Strives for the welfare of the public health with enhanced technologies emerging every day.

Right use of technology
Public health welfare
Qualitative medical service
Easy access with new technologies
Easing Disease Control
Preventive Awareness

UMC serves as a medium to promote a vibrant application of new technology as well as research ideas and practices for the up gradation of medical services. UMC consists of medical professionals all over the world from multi-medicinal disciplines. UMC creates a platform to broaden the medicinal views and values in the eyes of public health. UMC helps the medical practitioners to get to know the real aspects of medicinal field for transforming healthier lives.